Cultural ties bring Chinese and Japanese students closer
Updated: 2017-04-10


Japanese students pair up with their Chinese counterparts from Shanghai Business School and share ideas on culture, living and studying during their visit to the school on March 24. [Photo provided to]

A group of Japanese students and teachers made a cultural visit to Shanghai Business School (SBS) on March 24.

The students were all winners of the "Five Star" Chinese recital and speech contest, an event held annually since 2000 to encourage Japanese young people to learn Chinese language and culture.

Apart from receiving a warm welcome from SBS students, teachers and staff members, the Japanese visitors were also treated to a variety of performances fusing traditional Chinese elements, such as singing, dancing and dubbing.

As the Japanese visitors also staged various cultural performances for their Chinese partners, the positive atmosphere of the event rose even higher.

The students went on to form pairs, exchange gifts, sample home-made desserts, and share ideas on China and Japan's traditional cultures and university students’ lifestyles and study habits.

"It's a good chance to increase my Chinese fluency, and I'm glad to make so many Chinese friends and to exchange contact information," one Japanese student said.

The Chinese students also spoke highly of the event, which stimulated their zest for foreign languages and cultures and enhanced their spoken language skills.

The visit also improved mutual understanding between the young people of each country.

Besides visiting SBS, the Japanese students and teachers also visited China’s capital city Beijing and the Jiangsu provincial capital Nanjing.


Japanese students and teachers pose for a group photo during their visit to Shanghai Business School on March 24. [Photo provided to]

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