Traditional Chinese opera enchants overseas students
Updated: 2017-04-11


An overseas student from Shanghai University chats with a performer during her visit to the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe on March 27. [Photo from WeChat account ISU-SHU]

Kunqu Opera, a cultural jewel shining in China's history for hundreds of years, enchanted a group of overseas students from Shanghai University on March 27.

By visiting the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe, the 17 students for the first time came in close contact with the traditional artistic style.

Under the guidance of Master Wu Xinhui, the students got a quick and brief understanding of the history, development and characteristics of Kunqu Opera.

They were then treated to a variety of performances extracted from some famous pieces, such as the Monkey Subdues White-Skeleton Demon, a renowned episode from China's classic novel Journey to the West depicting the Monkey King's unremitting efforts to protect his master after seeing through the White-Skeleton Demon's disguises.

The students were fully absorbed in the performers' vivid expressions and gestures.

"I was a bit worried about my Chinese fluency at first, but the performers' earnest acting and the host's detailed explanation soon drove away my anxiety," said Henriett from Hungary.

The students were also invited backstage, where they had a range of exchanges with the performers on a variety of topics from make-up and preparation to daily training.

"Simple work needs long time practice; their excellent performances on the stage require years of hard work," one student marveled.

On their way back to school, the students were eager to share their feelings about the trip and to describe their distinctive impressions of Kunqu Opera; ready now as they were to delve more deeply into traditional Chinese culture.


International students from Shanghai University pose for a group photo with performers at Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe. [Photo from WeChat account ISU-SHU]

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