Chinese and overseas students celebrate friendship
Updated: 2017-04-12


Chinese and overseas students from Shanghai University hold a party on March 30 to celebrate their friendship. [Photo provided to]

The connections between Chinese and overseas students from Shanghai University (SHU) got closer as they held a party on March 30 to celebrate their friendship.

Inspired by the New Year's party held months ago, the overseas students took full charge of the preparation work - from poster design to room decorations, they tried their utmost to present the guests a unique and novel party.

At around 7:00 p.m., the party began with a large group of teachers and students, including some Chinese students who volunteered at the school's previous welcoming activities for overseas students and have become friends with each other.

The guests immersed themselves in a variety of games, such as throwing table tennis balls into beer glasses, the most-anticipated game among overseas students.

The party also saw various "tough" games testing the guests' reactions and flexibility, such as "musical chairs" – with dynamic music accompanying the players as they walked around the chairs in a circle and attempted to sit down in one of them when the music stopped.

They also enjoyed themselves with a game of dodgeball, with one team trying to throw balls while the other strived to avoid being hit.

The joyous atmosphere was pushed to a new high with a group dance, inviting all the guests to dress up in glow sticks-illuminated clothes and spruce up the room with glaring lighting effects.

The party was part of SHU's striving efforts to help drive away the new foreign students' strangeness to the school and the city. The school has also carried out various cultural activities, such as one-day tours across the metropolitan area, to help them better adapt to studying and living in Shanghai.

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