SJTU strengthens aviation ties with Russian college
Updated: 2017-04-17


Shanghai Jiao Tong University joins hands with Russia's Moscow Aviation Institute to set up a research institute on aeronautics and astronautics on April 8. [Photo/]

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) joined hands with Russia's Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) to establish a research institute on aeronautics and astronautics on April 8.

The signing ceremony was attended by officials from the two schools.

Lin Zhongqin, president of SJTU, spoke highly of the two sides' accumulated experience and knowledge in cultivating aviation talents.

"Under the guidance of the Belt and Road Initiative and the China-Russia cooperation in wide-body passenger planes, the two schools will deepen connections with aircraft manufacturers to explore new ways of talent training," he said.

Mikhail Pogosyan, rector of MAI, expressed his excitement about building up the joint institute and looked forward to more fruitful mutual achievements.

"I hope the two sides can further their relationship in talent training, scientific research and faculty exchange, bringing up a new group of engineers who are able to face future challenges and meet the ever-growing global need," said Pogosyan.

As a joint effort of SJTU and MAI, the research institute will offer three double-master's degrees on aerospace composite structures, aircraft engines, and life cycle management of aviation products.


Officials from SJTU and MAI pose for a group photo at the signing ceremony of the two schools' joint establishment of a research institute on aeronautics and astronautics. [Photo/]

By enrolling groups of students in equal numbers from the two sides, the institute will provide an integration of brand-new syllabuses and practical experiences which institute head Cheng Jiaojie described as the two schools' fusing their academic strengths rather than simple imitating each other.

The students will spend their first year at SJTU taking basic professional courses and clarifying their research goals. Their second year will be completed at MAI with further academic studies and scientific research. They will be required to pass MAI’s graduation oral examination after the second semester. They will then return to SJTU for the third year. After finishing SJTU's thesis defense, they will be granted a master's degree jointly issued by the two schools.

Aside from access to the two schools' prestigious teachers, the students will also enjoy backup support from several aviation giants such as China's Commercial Aircraft Corporation and Russia's United Aircraft Corporation.

Feng Jinzhang, general manager of AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co, welcomed the students with an offer of various internships.

To date, SJTU has finished admissions of the first group of 30 students. MAI will launch its enrollment soon.

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