Working salon on mental health support inspires Fudan teachers
Updated: 2017-04-24


Cao Shangqing from the South China University of Technology shares with teachers from Fudan University her experiences on mental health support for overseas students. The working salon took place at the psychological counseling center of Fudan University on March 30. [Photo provided to]

A group of teachers from Fudan University shared experiences on mental health support for international students on March 30.

With a theme of prevention and treatment, the salon invited Cao Shangqing from the South China University of Technology (SCUT), who has been dedicated to mental health support for college students for years, especially in the fields of career planning, public relationships and emotional management.

Cao briefed her Fudan colleagues on the psychological counseling center for overseas students in SCUT, which was initiated by her and is now prominent among China's universities in service level, scale and development.

The teachers were most interested in how to promote the Fudan center, cater to more students and get more valuable feedback from them.

Cao patiently answered the teachers' questions, shared with them several case studies concerning the students' mental development, and gave her opinions on the further development of mental health services at Fudan.

Since Fudan's psychological counseling center came into service last December it has been a harbor for many overseas students. Its staff members are dedicated to developing evidence-based treatment plans tailored to each individual's unique background, and working closely with students, campus partners and community providers.

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