World cultural expo spruces up SJTU
Updated: 2017-05-08


Overseas students studying at Shanghai Jiao Tong University put on a folk costume show, marking the opening of the school's 5th world cultural exhibition on May 6. [Photo provided to]

The annual World Cultural Exhibition opened at the Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) on May 6, promoting color and harmony on the campus.

The event was launched to the sound of beautiful music introducing a variety of performances. One of the first was an eye-catching presentation of distinctive costumes from 23 countries. Another was a drum show from Malaysian students featuring an integration of China's 24 solar terms, which won prolonged applause from the audience.

Dressed in hanfu, traditional Chinese costumes, several students rose and danced to the soft melody of Jasmine, expressing their endless love for China and its varied cultures, and filling the campus with a joyous atmosphere.

Nicknamed "Mini Expo", the event inspired students from 28 countries and regions, such as Egypt, Mongolia, Nepal, Kazakhstan and Turkey, to put up booths to show their unique cultures.

Setting up a traditional yurt, students from Mongolia eagerly invited others to experience their daily life. While at the Pakistan stand, visitors were treated to a variety of delicious dishes and tasty snacks. "We want to show our friends across the globe the rich dining culture in Pakistan, especially its diversified snacks," the stand leader said.


Students from Malaysia stage a drum show at the event, featuring an integration of China's 24 solar terms. [Photo provided to]

Aside from the exotic food, clothing, customs and traditional performances, visitors also enthusiastically collected different "passport" stamps from each stand – a traditional and most-anticipated activity since the event was initiated in 2014.

"I've kept all the four 'passports'. The stamps are novel and creative, letting me know a lot more about the countries and their unique cultures," said a Chinese student Lu Xiaotong.

A school tradition, the "Mini Expo" world cultural exhibition is widely welcomed by students and teachers from SJTU and works as a friendly platform boosting closer connections between Chinese and overseas students.

SJTU welcomes more than 6,000 overseas students every year. To enrich their campus life in an all-around way, the school emphasizes both academic and cultural fields, offering professional lectures as well as choruses and dances and dragon boat groups.


Students collect stamps from different countries in their passports. This is a tradition since the event was initiated in 2014. [Photo provided to]

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