SJTU students celebrate Bengali New Year
Updated: 2017-05-10


Students attending the celebrations of the traditional Bengali New Year at Shanghai Jiao Tong University pose for a group photo on April 14. [Photo provided to]

As do the Chinese, the Bengali have their own calendar. Bangladeshi students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University held a variety of celebrations to welcome the Bengali New Year on April 14.

The activity not only attracted numbers of Bengali. Many Chinese and overseas students were also eager to take part.

They were first impressed by a multitude of photos, decorating every corner of the activity room and depicting the history, food, culture and geography of Bangladesh.


A Bangladeshi student introduces some background information to a visitor. [Photo provided to]

A cluster of traditional costumes, folk instruments and handicrafts were also quite eye-catching, giving the visitors direct experience of Bangladesh's colorful social history.

The Bengali joined hands with students from India, Myanmar and Barbados, delighting the visitors with various distinctive cultural performances. The recitals in particular, expressing the students' love and pride for their motherland, won prolonged applause from the audience.

The visitors were also treated to a variety of local specialties which added to the merry atmosphere.

The students all spoke highly of the activity; the Bengali regarded it an unforgettable and precious memory to have celebrated New Year with so many overseas friends.


A visitor plays a traditional Bangladeshi instrument. [Photo provided to]

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