SHU students: E China's Jiangxi enchanting
Updated: 2017-05-12


Overseas students from Shanghai University try their hands at making ceramics during their visit to East China's Jiangxi province on May 4. [Photo provided to]

A group of 29 overseas students from Shanghai University, winners of the Confucius Institute Scholarship, took a trip to East China's Jiangxi province from May 4 to 6, learning ceramics culture and appreciating the local landscapes.

At their first stop, Jindezhen, China's porcelain city, the students were impressed by a variety of traditional porcelain-making techniques, which were widely adopted by royal kilns to make porcelain for emperors in ancient China.

They were also eager to try their hands at making some porcelain of their own – though a big challenge to their strength and skill, the students finally made some quite satisfying products.


Overseas students visit the ancient kilns in Jindezhen city, Jiangxi province on May 5. [Photo provided to]

On the second day, May 5, the students looked further into China's ceramics culture at a local porcelain factory, where well-proportioned kilns, ancient Hui-style buildings, and modernized practice bases formed a delightful contrast with each other.

They went on to visit several ancient kilns and appreciated a multitude of exquisite handicrafts. The ones produced in the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911), heyday of Jindezhen porcelain, aroused the greatest interest among the students.

They were also enchanted by the unique melodious sounds of various traditional ceramic instruments.

Wuyuan, a neighboring county of Jindezhen, was their last stop. Aside from appreciating the picturesque views and spectacular terraced fields, the students had close contact with some local residents, immersing themselves in an atmosphere of simplicity and honesty, and learning about their secrets of longevity.

On their way back to Shanghai, the students could not wait to express their excitement and gratitude for the cultural trip, which not only gave them first-hand experience of China's beauty, but also encouraged them to learn more about its culture.


Overseas students walk along the streamside pathways and appreciate the traditional Hui-style buildings with white walls, black tiles and wooden windows in Wuyuan county, Jiangxi province on May 6. [Photo provided to]

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