Chinese silk culture enchants foreign students
Updated: 2017-06-12


International scholarship students from Donghua University delve into China's silk culture in Zhejiang province on May 19 and 20. [Photo provided to]

International scholarship students from Donghua University toured East China's Zhejiang province to experience its rich silk culture.

More than 80 students from some 40 countries attended the event on May 19 and 20, which was part of a series of activities launched by the China Scholarship Council.

The Wensli Group, a Zhejiang-based silk manufacturer, was their first stop. As one of the major silk products providers for the B20 and G20 Hangzhou summit last year, Wensli impressed the students with its long connection with China's sericulture industry, its elegant and sophisticated silk products, and its unique way to interpret silk as a lifestyle, a combination of Chinese traditional culture with the pursuit of a healthy life.


The international students pose in traditional Chinese costumes. [Photo provided to]

The students delved more into silk culture at the China National Silk Museum. Opening onto the picturesque landscape of West Lake, the museum is the first in China to embody the country's profound silk culture.

The students also tried their hands at making Chinese knots, a traditional type of ornament enjoyed by locals to express ideas of peace, fortune and good luck.

Established in 1951, Donghua University specializes in textiles, fashion design, textile engineering, international trade and material science. The school has formed partnerships with many famous Chinese brands to provide overseas students with visits and internships, and to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture.


The students try their hands at making Chinese knots, symbols of peace, fortune and good luck. [Photo provided to]

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