Oral health gets promoted at SHU
Updated: 2017-06-20


Gu Hong, an official at Shanghai University, speaks at an oral health lecture given by dentists from Shanghai 10th People's Hospital on June 9. [Photo from WeChat account SHU-ISU]

Five dentists from Shanghai 10th People's Hospital gave a lecture to students and teachers at Shanghai University (SHU) on June 9, strengthening their awareness and knowledge of oral health care.

Gu Hong, an official from SHU, expressed her gratitude to the dentists and called for more related activities as people usually place too much emphasis on treating oral health diseases rather than preventing them.

On account of the differences between children, adults, pregnant women and senior citizens, doctor Zhang Xu used pictures and short videos to illustrate the origin, threats, prevention and treatment of several frequently occurring diseases.

She also stressed the importance of increasing awareness of oral health care among family members, from smart ways to choose dental supplies to the proper method of brushing teeth.


Doctor Zhang Yiming discusses treatment with an overseas student from Shanghai University in fluent English. [Photo from WeChat account SHU-ISU]

More than 30 students and teachers at SHU, including some foreign students, were offered free treatment from the dentists. In fluent English, doctor Zhang Yiming patiently eased the foreigners' concerns and explained to them aspects of oral health.

Shanghai 10th People's Hospital has partnered with SHU in many fields, including cultural exchanges, voluntary services and health care lectures. The two sides will continue to strengthen their partnership and seek further cooperation.


Dentists from Shanghai 10th People's Hospital provide free treatment to students and teachers from Shanghai University. [Photo from WeChat account SHU-ISU]

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