University paves entrepreneurial path for intl student
Updated: 2017-06-30


Donghua University in Shanghai joins hands with Techcode, an incubator for science startups, to establish the school's first practice base for overseas students on June 20. [Photo/]

Techcode, an incubator of science startups, joined hands with Donghua University in Shanghai to establish the school's first practice base for overseas students on June 20.

The unveiling ceremony was participated in by several local government and university officials, such as Li Jingye, deputy director at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, and Wu Xiaojun, vice president of the International Cultural Exchange School of Donghua University.

According to a manager at Techcode, the base will be a training hub for overseas students, giving them entrepreneurial guidance to start up their scientific businesses, and channeling them to various internship opportunities at Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park.

In keeping with the school's principle of building an open and creative campus culture, Donghua University is dedicated to inviting more overseas students to continue work and live in Shanghai after graduation.

The collaboration between Donghua and Techcode will not only attract overseas talents to realize their scientific dreams in Shanghai, but will also answer the local government's call to introduce more bright foreign scholars at the ground level.

Founded in 2015, Techcode operates 30 incubators in seven countries. So far, it has incubated more than 600 startups that have received more than $500 million in financing.

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