Traditional Chinese cultural elements adorn graduation season
Updated: 2017-07-07


Seventeen overseas graduates from Shanghai University enjoy a farewell party featuring traditional Chinese cultural elements on June 30. [Photo provided to]

A group of overseas students bade farewell to their alma mater on June 30, staging traditional Chinese tea art and performances of local songs.

All Confucius Institute scholarship winners from Shanghai University, the 17 students were eager to show their appreciation of Chinese culture.

They first put on a tea art performance, creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere with refreshing tea aroma lingering around.

The participants spoke highly of the pleasant tea flavors, and enjoyed the relaxed feelings, as if they'd been brought to a forest of bamboo.

The students also staged a traditional story-telling and ballad singing performance — The Legend of White Snake. In local dialect, the students moved the participants with a beautiful but sad love story, in which a scholar fell in love with a beautiful woman who was actually a white snake taking on a human form, while Fa Hai, the abbot of a Buddhist monastery, exposed the snake and tried his utmost to split the beloved couple apart.

The participants immersed themselves in the plot and were also quite interested in the local dialect. They even tried to imitate the performers' expressions and postures, describing them as unique to people living in Jiangnan, south of the Yangtze River Delta.

Teachers from Shanghai University congratulated the students, and expressed the hope that they would continue to study and promote Chinese culture.


A group of overseas students bid farewell to Shanghai University on June 30, staging traditional Chinese tea art and singing local songs. [Photo provided to]

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