Traditional Chinese sports on the table for intl students
Updated: 2017-07-13


Students and teachers participating in the martial arts and table tennis programs of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School pose for a group photo at the Shanghai University of Sport on July 6. [Photo provided to]

Shanghai University of Sport opened programs for overseas students interested in Chinese martial arts and table tennis on July 6.

Part of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School series, the programs gained the participation of 40 students from some 20 countries including the US, UK, Canada, Spain, Israel and Japan.

From July 5 to Aug 1, the students will be given professional training in these popular Chinese sports.

They will also have the opportunity to try out a variety of other cultural activities, such as practicing calligraphy and paper cutting, making traditional tea, and trying archery, one of the "Six Arts" that have deep roots in Confucian philosophy and are widely favored by Chinese people.

They will also have the chance to enjoy excursions around Shanghai and neighboring cities to watch a Chinese acrobatic performance and take a night cruise along the Huangpu River.

Shanghai University of Sport has run the Shanghai Summer School's martial arts and table tennis programs for international students for seven years. It is aimed at developing foreigners' interest in traditional Chinese culture and promoting China to a broader audience.

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