Overseas students savor Chinese flavors
Updated: 2017-07-14



This overseas student studying at the Chinese culinary culture program of 2017 Shanghai Summer School poses for a photo with her dish of squirrel-shaped bass. [Photo provided to study-shanghai.org]

Chinese cuisine continued to whet the appetites of overseas students taking part in a culinary culture program at the 2017 Shanghai Summer School this week.

The program, organized by Shanghai Polytechnic University that ran from June 13 to July 9, attracted 30 overseas students to delve into China's diverse culinary culture.

Jiangsu cuisine, which focuses on bringing out natural flavors latent in fresh ingredients, was the highlight of the week. The students particularly enjoyed cooking up bass, a fish native to the Yangtze River that is tender and has few bones. The dish was prepared in a style that is bright in color and fresh in taste.

The students were introduced to several traditional Chinese dishes including xiaolongbao, a type of round soup dumpling which is hugely popular in Shanghai. The students enjoyed the dish's wonderful combination of color, aroma, consistency, and taste.


Students learn to make steamed dumplings through the careful guidance of pastry chef Yang Shihong. [Photo provided to study-shanghai.org]

The foreign youngsters were also amazed by veteran chef Lu Wenkang's mastery of carving food. His exquisite skill in shaping a piece of turnip into a peony blossom wowed the students and won him the accolade of having "magical hands".

Aside from learning Chinese dishes, the students also learned about a couple of European dishes at the hands of young foreign chefs with a demonstration of Finnish-style fried fish, mushroom soup, and beef prepared in a dark Belgian beer.

The students regarded their immersive four-week course in Chinese cooking as a deeply enjoyable and informative experience and hoped to bring back authentic Chinese flavors their respective countries after returning home.


Polina Semenova, a Russian student, poses with her peony-shaped food carving. [Photo provided to study-shanghai.org]

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