Culinary program concludes, as pleasant flavors linger
Updated: 2017-07-21


Markku Tapani Laatikainen, a student representative from Finland, speaks at the closing ceremony of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School Chinese culinary program on July 9. [Photo provided to]

The Shanghai Polytechnic University held a closing and awards ceremony for the 2017 Shanghai Summer School Chinese culinary culture program on July 9.

The program, taking place at the university from June 13 to July 9, has gained solid backing from the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Restaurants Association and Zhonghua Vocational School, aiming to fully develop the overseas students' interest in Chinese cuisines.

Markku Tapani Laatikainen, a student representative and also a professional chef from Finland, expressed his gratitude for the Chinese organizers' thoughtful arrangements over the month.

He said Chinese cuisines' emphasis on balanced nutrition, which the teachers described as "balancing the yin and yang in the human body for optimal health", has greatly inspired him.


Yu Tao, president of Shanghai Polytechnic University, awards the graduation certificate to a student. [Photo provided to]

Yu Tao, president of the Shanghai Polytechnic University, defined the keywords of the program as "Food, Four Weeks, and Friendship". He hoped the students will bring back authentic Chinese flavors to their respective countries after returning home.

This is the second time the Shanghai Summer School series have set sights on Chinese culinary culture.

Aside from providing the students with professional guidance on Chinese cuisines and culinary culture, the program features a variety of activities delving into China's art of tea, traditional costumes and practice of tai chi.

They also toured around neighboring towns and cities of Nanxun, Chongming and Hangzhou, experiencing the unique cultures and customs conceived from the favorable climate and land resources.

Shanghai Summer School was launched by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in 2008. It has developed into a local brand, attracting hundreds of overseas students to visit Shanghai every year.


Overseas students practice cooking Chinese dishes. [Photo provided to]

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