Intl students experience food safety in Shanghai
Updated: 2017-07-25


A group of overseas students from Tongji University take a one-day tour around Shanghai to delve into its food safety development on July 13. [Photo/]

Food safety is a growing concern across China, even for overseas students, as a group of foreign youngsters studying at Tongji University in Shanghai took a one-day tour around the city to delve into Shanghai's current developments in food safety on July 13.

Part of a series of promotional activities launched by the Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration, the tour was aimed at increasing food safety awareness and calling for the improved supervision of food safety by authorities.

Two food and drug demonstration stations, located adjacent to bustling vegetable markets, were the major destinations of the tour.


Jin Wenhong, director of a demonstration station in the Pudong district, shows the students how officials conduct daily food safety checks. [Photo/]

Jin Wenhong, director of a demonstration station in the Pudong district, showed the foreign youngsters how officials conduct daily food safety checks for every booth in the market.

She also introduced them to the reading, inquiry and demonstration areas of the station, where the public can enhance their food safety knowledge and have related questions answered.

The students also learned about restaurant food safety regulations at the Minhang district demonstration station, including the station's real-time monitoring process for various restaurant kitchens in the area.

The students regarded the local government's attempt to promote food safety as impressive and comforting.

"It's interesting to learn about Shanghai's fast testing processes for local food, and I would like to send what I've bought here for testing," said Tuna, a Turkish student.


Students view screens monitoring restaurant kitchens in the Minhang district. [Photo/]

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