Intl students: Chinese operas' charming, elegant, and skillful
Updated: 2017-07-28


Overseas students attending the Chinese opera program of the 2017 Shanghai Summer School perform at a farewell party on July 6. The program was organized by Shanghai Theatre Academy annually since 2011. [Photo/]

Shanghai Theatre Academy welcomed the closure of the Chinese opera program on July 6, bidding farewell to 25 overseas students from countries including India, Pakistan, Turkey and Jordan.

As a school tradition supported by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the program is aimed at introducing the foreign youngsters to a world of Chinese opera and providing them hands-on cultural experiences.

The students found the traditional art forms extremely charming, elegant, and as well, skillful.

For instance, when practicing Peking Opera, one that combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance and acrobatics and enjoys the widest popularity among Chinese people, the students tried their utmost to express the beauty of every movement, while simultaneously making sure they were in perfect rhythm.

Their efforts were well rewarded. At the farewell party held on July 6, the students were confident in showing their mastery of the arts, and putting on a variety of excellent performances, such as Miss Julie, which integrated Strindberg's classic tragedy drama with unique Peking Opera elements.

Rana, Rita and Tina from Canada, Jordan and Finland also staged a short play recording their lives and study experiences in Shanghai. By recalling various opera classes and cultural trips around the city, their show aroused echoes among the students, receiving prolonged applauses.

This is the seventh consecutive year Shanghai Theatre Academy held its summer school for foreign students interested in Chinese culture, at the Huashan Road Campus.


Students and teachers pose for a group photo. [Photo/]

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