Jiading schools lauded for pushing innovation and entrepreneurship
Updated: 2017-08-25

Tongji University and Shanghai Art & Design Academy in Jiading district, Shanghai have been praised for improving students' innovative and entrepreneurial capacity, by the Ministry of Education.

A total of 50 universities and colleges all over the country received the honor for their outstanding efforts in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship among their students.

Tongji University


Tongji University's Jiading campus is beautifully landscaped to help foster a productive learning environment. [Photo/jiading.gov.cn]

Tongji University is one of China's oldest national universities. Educating for over a century, it has become a comprehensive, research-based and international university, ranking among China's top-rated.

Its Jiading campus was put into use in September 2004 and houses many key scientific facilities, including the world's largest multifunctional vibration experiment center, China's first automotive wind tunnel center, and China's first urban rail transit testing platform.

The university is committed to encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting university-government cooperation, and developing Jiading's Anting town into an intelligent industry city.

Shanghai Art & Design Academy


 The Shanghai Art & Design Academy is the city's only vocational college chosen as a pilot of the country's education system reform. The academy focuses on the inheritance and preservation of traditional art and design and keeps pursuing innovation to make the goal possible.

It has nurtured many creative art and design professionals to serve Shanghai's goal of becoming a scientific and technological innovation center and a capital of design.

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