SHU opens cultural immersion program for Turkish students
Updated: 2017-09-01


Turkish students attending the China Impression program pose for a group photo at the opening ceremony on Aug 28. The two-week program is organized by Shanghai University to increase the students' understanding of China. [Photo from WeChat account SHU-ISU]

The China Impression program organized by Shanghai University recently welcomed a group of 22 Turkish students, who were visiting China to increase their understanding and deepen their impressions of the country.

As members of the Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University, the youngsters, who arrived at the campus on Aug 28, will have the chance to improve their Chinese language proficiency and engage in various cultural activities in the next two weeks.

Yao Ximing, president of the College of International Exchanges at Shanghai University, warmly welcomed the Turkish delegation. He illustrated the two countries' rich cultural accumulations and looked forward to the youngsters enjoying living and studying in Shanghai.

The students were also briefed about Shanghai University's history and development. They were introduced to the program arrangements, and then took a look around the campus.

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