China, Japan students work together on air rescue robots
Updated: 2017-09-06


A student controlling a quad-copter tries to put a table tennis ball onto a pillar. He is taking part in a competition on air rescue robot design at the Tongji University in Shanghai. [Photo/]

A competition gathering together 36 college students from China and Japan to show off their capabilities in air rescue robot design closed at Tongji University in Shanghai on Aug 29.

The 10-day event saw undergraduates studying at Tongji University, the National Taipei University of Technology in Taiwan and the Osaka Institute of Technology in Japan working six groups of six.

Using "problem-based learning", each group was asked to independently design a grabber, which could not only be attached to a quad-copter, but also could put table tennis balls on pillars, water surfaces and cliffs.

This task tested the students’ abilities in a range of areas, from assembling and debugging quad-copters to the design and test of grabbers.

The students overcame language barriers and displayed teamwork, with those from Shanghai and Taiwan taking charge of aircraft tweaks, and those from Japan managing tailor-made systems.

This was the second competition attracting students from the three schools. The third edition will take place in Osaka next year.

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