Turkish students enhance China Impression at Shanghai University
Updated: 2017-09-15


Turkish students attending the China Impression program pose for a photo during a visit to Wuzhen, a renowned water town in Zhejiang province. The program, which started from Aug 28 to Sept 9, was organized by Shanghai University to increase the students' understanding of China. [Photo from WeChat account SHU-ISU]

China Impression, a cultural immersion program targeting 22 Turkish students, drew to an end at the Shanghai University on Sept 9.

The two-week program introduced the students, all members of the Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University, to various opportunities including improving their language proficiency and engaging in cultural activities.

Their footsteps have covered Shanghai and surrounding areas, such as the antique flavored local City God Temple, the renowned water town Wuzhen in Zhejiang, and the traditional Chinese gardens in Suzhou, Jiangsu province.


Turkish students receive graduation certificates from teachers at Shanghai University. [Photo from WeChat account SHU-ISU]

Wang Haiyan, a top official from the College of International Exchanges at Shanghai University, shared ideas with the students at the program's closing ceremony, on their feelings and achievements over the days.

She also spoke highly of the students' strengthening Chinese connections, looked forward to their active roles in promoting Chinese culture in Turkey, and invited them to seek further studies in China.

The students expressed their gratitude to the school in fluent Chinese, as well as putting on singing and dancing performances, such as the famous Chinese melodies of Jasmine and You Exist in My Song, which won prolonged applause from the audience.


Turkish students pose for a photo with their gifts from Shanghai University. [Photo from WeChat account SHU-ISU]

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