Overseas students gain insights into China's rise
Updated: 2017-09-18


Zhang Weiwei, dean at the China Institute of Fudan University, delivers a lecture concerning the rise of China and its implications. [Photo/fudan.edu.cn]

A lecture on the rise of China and its implications unveiled a series of courses titled "Experience China" on Sept 12, attracting some 200 Chinese and overseas students from Fudan University.

Zhang Weiwei, dean at the China Institute of Fudan, briefed the students on China's status-quo and made a contrast analysis on China and Western countries' development patterns and future trends.

He explained in detail the political, economic and social development models of China, and went on to illustrate several marked features of the country’s exploration into a more democratic society, such as the application of a democratic centralism system.


An overseas student asks questions at the lecture held at Fudan University, Shanghai, on Sept 12. [Photo/fudan.edu.cn]

Students also raised many questions of their concern, including China's diplomacy, its prevailing discourse system and definition of the middle class.

Every term, Fudan University opens the "Experience China" series with the aim of giving overseas students a better understanding of Chinese culture, society and psychology. More activities including city tours and knowledge contests on traditional Chinese culture will be held later this term.

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