Chinese poetry recital contest to open in Shanghai
Updated: 2017-09-26


Overseas students practice Chinese poetry recitals.

Shanghai city is inviting overseas students studying at local universities to show their language proficiency in a Chinese poetry recital contest soon to be staged.

With full support from the Shanghai Municipal Language Affairs Commission, the contest aims to enhance foreigners' understanding of Chinese classics, deepen their dedication to language learning, and promote the internationalization of Chinese culture.

The first stage of the contest – an on-campus audition which started in early September – invites interested students to register at designated school offices and compete with their schoolmates.

The contest is divided into two categories, including individuals and group performances, with the former having less than four minutes, and the latter less than six minutes. Singing, dancing and calligraphy performances are also encouraged in group performances.

Ancient and modern poems are both welcomed. Works such as The Sea, written by militarist and literati Cao Cao from Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220); and Nostalgia created by contemporary poet Yu Guangzhong are recommended.

Recital proficiency, mandarin eloquence, voice techniques and stage craft will be taken into account by the judges.

Chosen contestants will compete in the second or elimination stage in Mid-October. A total of nine individuals and nine groups will proceed to the finals in Mid-November.

Winners will be awarded prizes and certificates for their achievements. The results will be publicized on the official website of Shanghai Municipal Language Affairs Commission and the official social media account of Shanghai Education Daily.

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