Sino-German vocational training program rounds off at SSPU
Updated: 2017-09-27


A German teacher introduces students at Shanghai Polytechnic University to manual arc welding techniques. [Photo/]

A group of 32 students from Shanghai Polytechnic University finished a nine-day training course in welding offered by visiting teachers from Germany on Sept 20.

The course, a joint effort by Shanghai Polytechnic University and the German business organization Handwerkskammer, introduced the students to a dual vocational education system that is widely applied in Germany and enhanced their understanding of manual arc welding techniques.

The students also had plenty of opportunities to gain practical experience at welding. After repeated practice, analyzing their mistakes, and increasing their safety awareness, the students won high praise from their German teachers.


The German teacher Thomas Martin Klokow gives practical instructions to students at Shanghai Polytechnic University. [Photo/]

Thomas Martin Klokow, one of the visiting teachers, said that the students had impressed him both with their knowledge and practical ability. He also spoke highly of the school’s advanced equipment, as well as the bright and spacious working environment.

"It's delightful and efficient to cooperate with my Chinese partners," Klokow said.

The students also expressed their gratitude to the German teachers, not only for their interesting classes, but also for their carefulness and preciseness in practical operations.

The joint training program between HWK and Shanghai Polytechnic University offers students a better integration of academic and practical studies. They will be awarded certificates by the two sides respectively.


Students pose for a group photo with the German teachers. [Photo/]

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