Modern or artistic: one-day tour offers intl students first taste of Shanghai
Updated: 2017-09-28


Students from Shanghai University show finger hearts during the one-day tour around Shanghai on Sept 23. [Photo provided to]

An one-day city tour for newcomers at Shanghai University proved to be fun, interesting and revealing.

A total of 242 students attended the tour on Sept 23, appreciating the city in an artistic style or quite developed.

Xintiandi, Sinan Mansion and Tianzifang were the major destinations for students who wanted to delve into a modern but artistic Shanghai.

Xintiandi (Chinese: 新天地) is a stylish pedestrian street composed of traditional stone buildings; Sinan Mansion (Chinese: 思南公馆) shows the elegance and modernity of Shanghai in 1920s; and Tianzifang (Chinese: 田子坊), much like the "SOHO" in New York, is a popular working destination for Chinese artists.


Students pose for a group photo during the tour around Shanghai on Sept 23. [Photo provided to]

Another group of students chose to get a better understanding of Shanghai's development over the centuries.

They first visited Jing'an Temple (Chinese: 静安寺), one of the most famous Buddhist holy lands in Shanghai with a history of more than 780 years. The students marveled at its collection of China's largest jade Buddha and spoke highly of the inner peace it emanates while standing at the core of the hustle and bustle within the city.

Shanghai Museum offered the students a full display of ancient Chinese art, and the Urban Planning Exhibition Center, with the theme "City, Human, Environment and Development", is a display of services integrating exhibitions, study and exchange, leisure and sightseeing.

The students were eager to share their interesting and unforgettable moments during the trip. Some of them even exclaimed "I love you Shanghai" after the trip.

Shanghai University carefully prepares one-day city tours for newcomers every year. This year's edition was a big success with the ever increasing number of students in attendance, as well as their growing enthusiasm.


Students pose like the Indian smash-hit Three Idiots. [Photo provided to]

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