Intl scholars look to deepen Sino-German relations
Updated: 2017-10-09


Tongji University opens its fifth Sino-German Forum on Sept 28, setting sights on the furthering of the two countries' relationship. [Photo/]

Tongji University opened its fifth Sino-German Forum on Sept 28, with attendees hoping to boost ties between the two countries following Angela Merkel's success in securing her fourth term as German chancellor.

More than 50 scholars from Chinese and foreign institutions attended the forum and shared ideas on several hot topics, including Germany's policy toward China following the election, Sino-EU relations, and multilateral relations among China, Europe and the US.

Professor Gu Xuewu, director of the Center for Global Studies at Bonn University in Germany, introduced attendees to the origin and development of the forum, which, created through the joint effort of Tongji and Bonn universities in 2013, has developed into a famous platform for academic exchanges.

Dong Qi, director of the Sino-German Cultural Center at Tongji, agreed with Gu and expressed his confidence in the strength of the two countries' relationship. He said that, on the 45th anniversary of China and Germany establishing full diplomatic relations, the two countries would share more ideas on global economic governance, international crises and conflict management, anti-terrorism, energy security, and global climate change.

Tongji and Bonn have enjoyed a good relationship since 2009. The two sides have conducted various joint programs, including several targeting students majoring in German, politics and international affairs.


Scholars from Chinese and foreign institutions pose for a photo at the forum. [Photo/]

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