Intl students have a brush with Chinese calligraphy
Updated: 2017-10-16


Overseas students at Donghua University in Shanghai practice writing Chinese characters at a calligraphy class on Oct 16. [Photo from WeChat account dhu-ices]

A cultural immersion series inviting overseas students at Donghua University in Shanghai to get hands-on experience of Chinese calligraphy started at the campus on Oct 16.

Rong Xueyun, an experienced writer, first introduced the students to the profound cultural background of Chinese calligraphy, such as the diverse writing styles and the popular "scholars' four treasures": a brush, an ink stick, an ink slab and paper. These are common items seen in a Chinese study and created great interest among the students.

She then guided them to write "永", which means "forever" in Chinese, in a regular script style. The students also learned to write "福" and tried their utmost to grasp its propitious meaning of fortune or good luck.

The next two classes, which will be held on Oct 23 and 30, will encourage the students to complete a calligraphy work on their own. They will also practice writing couplets onto pairs of paper scrolls, a decoration hung on front doors on festive celebrations all over China.


An overseas student in Donghua practices writing "永", a character which means "forever" in Chinese. [Photo from WeChat account dhu-ices]


Students pose with their calligraphy works at previous classes. [Photo from WeChat account dhu-ices]


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