Wendy Fletcher: Laowai's artistic interpretation of Confucian ideas
Updated: 2017-10-20


New Interpretation of Confucian Ideas, an exhibition of artworks created by Wendy Lynn Fletcher, is on show at Shanghai University of International Studies from Oct 11 to Nov 20. [Photo from WeChat account sisu1949]

New Interpretation of Confucian Ideas, an exhibition of 18 artworks inspired by the Chinese classic, The Analects of Confucius, opened at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) on Oct 11.

The artworks were created by Wendy Lynn Fletcher, principal of the Confucius Institute at University of Waterloo in Canada.

As a scholar and artist, Fletcher combined Eastern Confucianism with Western humanism and infused her understanding into the artistic creations.

She used oily pigments, metal powders and gold foil, and integrated ancient oracle-bone inscriptions with modern artistic expressions to interpret the ideas of humanity, filial piety, gravity, love, tolerance, justice, proper ritual, harmony, generosity, wisdom, virtue, trustworthiness, diligence, loyalty and benevolence.


Fletcher's interpretation of Confucian ideas. [Photo from WeChat account sisu1949]

"The wisdom of Confucius is deep and abiding," Fletcher said. "The key virtues of Confucianism span the distance between diverse cultures, geographies and generations, opening a place for shared cultural meaning-making between East and West."

"This series of paintings identifies key concepts of Confucian thought and expresses them in a contemporary artistic form. The virtue expressed in each work is identified through an ancient Chinese character painted on the canvas; the ancient and the current linked."

The exhibition at the Songjiang campus of SISU runs until Nov 20.


Fletcher's artistic interpretation of Confucian ideas. From top to bottom: Trustworthiness, Proper Ritual, and Filial Piety. [Photo from WeChat account sisu1949]


From left: Wisdom, Upright, and Righteousness. [Photo from WeChat account sisu1949]


From left: Benevolence and Courage. [Photo from WeChat account sisu1949]

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