Thai film culture praised by Shanghai University students
Updated: 2017-10-20


Professor Chen Xiaoda from Shanghai University delivers a lecture on Thai films and its related media culture on Oct 17. [Photo from WeChat account SHU-ISU]

Professor Chen Xiaoda's lecture on Thai films and its related media culture won appreciation from students and teachers at Shanghai University on Oct 17.

His question of what deserves most concern of a movie and his insights into the development pattern of the film industry in Thailand aroused great interest among the participants.

Taking the recent smash-hit –Bad Genius, which tells a story of how talented people profit from exploiting their ingenuity to help others cheat in exams – as an example, professor Chen introduced an idea of watching movies from different angles, such as psychology and sociology.

"Things are interconnected; we should look at them from different perspectives to avoid misunderstanding," Chen said.

In reference to the rapid development of Thai movies in recent years, Chen attributed the success to the producers' efforts in better integrating modern technology with unique local cultures.

"The growing coverage rate of cinemas, diverse entertainment companies, and creative directors and scriptwriters have also contributed to its rapid development," Chen added.


The lecture wins admiration from students from Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea. [Photo from WeChat account SHU-ISU]

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