Shanghai's college cuisine: nightmare or taste pleasure?
Updated: 2017-11-15


Students wait in anticipation for the grilled beef offered by the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. [Photo by Liu Ying/Xinhua]

For Zhu Xinyue, a student of Shanghai-based Tongji University, dishes offered at her school's canteens were "absolutely, unspeakably" awful.

The outdated menus and unsavory dishes cannot light up even a flicker of interest in her.

"Compared to food served by the school's canteen, dorm-delivery dishes prepared by local restaurants might be a better choice," Zhu said.

But her attitude toward the notorious college cuisine underwent a stunning reverse on Nov 11, as dishes offered at the first Shanghai college food festival, which brought out 45 most favored dishes from 15 local institutes, successfully satisfied her taste bud.

"Enjoy a close-up of chefs' exquisite culinary skills, try my hands at pulling noodles, and have a taste of various spaghetti and sauces were an enjoyable and unique experience for me," an excited Zhu said.


The "chrysanthemum fish" offered by Fudan University gains much popularity for its sweet and sour taste. [Photo by Liu Ying/Xinhua]

Youngsters attending the food festival stood in long queues in front of Shanghai Jiao Tong University's booth, in anticipation for the pan-fried steak with pepper sauce.

"The grilled steak garnished with vegetables and eggs just won my heart," said a student named Lu Kui.

The organizer, Fudan University, also gained much popularity with its "chrysanthemum fish", a dish with fish sliced into chrysanthemum shapes, deep fried, and seasoned with sweet and sour sauce.

Other colleges, such as Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and Shanghai Ocean University, also presented students with their tasty specialties.


The green bean cake presented by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is good-looking, tastes nice, and has health benefits. [Photo by Liu Ying/Xinhua]

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