Shanghai rural culture enchants overseas students
Updated: 2017-11-21


Overseas students attend the Shanghai rural culture experience camp. [Photo provided to]

A group of some 100 overseas students escaped from Shanghai's hustle and bustle and immersed themselves in the city's idyllic island of Chongming on Nov 11 and 12.

Although coming from 32 countries and studying at different Shanghai colleges, the students were soon enchanted by the people and folk customs enriching Sanmin cultural village, their first stop, on Nov 11.

They tried their hands at pottery making and enjoyed biandanxi, a distinctive type of puppet show which has been popular in Chongming for over two centuries.

Qianwei village, a culturally advanced region winning national civilized titles for years, welcomed the overseas group that afternoon. As a national model village, Qianwei also boasts good preservation of its natural environment and development of ecological agriculture.

The students enjoyed displays of grotesque stones at the local museum, indulged in some flower picking at rose and dragon fruit gardens, and experienced the local activities of dragon dancing and stilted walking.

They visited Xilai villa the next day, getting to know China's profound farming culture and appreciating charming sights along the Yangtze River.


Overseas students experience dragon dancing in Chongming, Shanghai's idyllic island. [Photo provided to]

They also had a short visit to the local ecological science museum, where they were treated to a variety of interactive activities integrating Chongming’s ecological landscape with scientific elements.

The students found their trip very enjoyable and relaxing.

"I love Chongming, I love its sunshine, its air, and I'd be willing to live here," said a student from Laos.

The students also hoped to enhance their Chinese proficiency, learn more about China, and become cultural envoys connecting China and their home countries.


Overseas students visit an ecological science museum in Chongming on Nov 12. [Photo provided to]

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