'Chinese corner' activity brings Chinese and overseas students closer
Updated: 2017-12-07


Some 20 overseas students from Shanghai International Studies University attend a Chinese corner activity on Dec 5. [Photo/shisu.edu.cn]

A Chinese corner activity aiming to forge closer ties between Chinese and overseas students kicked off at Shanghai International Studies University on Dec 5.

The activity began with students taking turns to introduce themselves. Some of them were fond of Shanghai's image as an international metropolis and its welcoming attitude to everyone, while others said they fell in love with China for its profound culture and were determined to become sinologists.

Although coming from different countries and regions, the overseas students found in common their passion to learn Chinese language, which helped them quickly turn over initial strangeness.

The students also enjoyed themselves playing the "pass on" game, a traditional Chinese warm-up activity where participants sit in a circle and swiftly pass on a flower to the next person as music plays in the background. Once the music stops, the person with the flower in hand would do an activity as a form of punishment. Some of the activities are singing, telling jokes, reciting poems and performing tongue twisters.


Students attending the Chinese corner activity pose for a group photo on Dec 5. [Photo/shisu.edu.cn]

The students sang the Chinese rendition of Auld Lang Syne, the famous folk song that illustrates sentiments of friendship as old as time, and drew an end to the activity.

The Chinese corner series, which takes place at the Shanghai campus every semester, are designed to enrich the overseas students' campus life, invite them to understand more of China, and encourage them for frequent mutual exchanges.

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