Red historical land enchants intl students
Updated: 2017-12-19


Overseas students from Fudan University rehearse with actors and actresses in Shajiabang, Jiangsu province for a Red historical play. [Photo/]

For some 150 overseas students from Fudan University, Shanghai, the humble town of Shajiabang, located in the neighboring Jiangsu province, can be no different to other ancient towns.

But the students' ideas were refreshed on Dec 2-3, when they embarked on a field trip to the township, where they enjoyed its preserved natural scenery and rich cultural treasures.

The large fields of reed marshes in Shajiabang has long been known as a local label – it's more of a symbol of good ecological environment, but also memories derived from the turbulent years, when these tall, long plants formed numerous natural barriers for defense.

The students relaxed at the reed marshes scenic sport. They drifted around the wetland in wooden boats; spotted egrets flitting through reeds and ducks bobbing in the ripples, enjoyed ancient wedding traditions, tried acting in local operas, and also had sips of home-brewed rice wine.


Overseas students from Fudan University in Shanghai pose for a group photo during their field trip to Shajiabang, Jiangsu province. [Photo/]

Their memories were reminiscent of ancient times at their second stop the next day, as they visited Yushanshang Lake, a place regarded as the seclusion of Jiang Ziya, an ancient military strategist who helped topple the Shang Dynasty (c.16th century-11th century BC).

At Jiang's memorial hall, the students amazed at various ancient model ships, especially the one which accompanied Zheng He, the famous Chinese admiral and diplomat, to lead voyages from China to the East African coast in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

On their way back to school, the students couldn't hide their excitement as they expressed their gratitude for the school's thoughtful arrangements.

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