Foreign students take part in xiangqi promotion
Updated: 2017-12-21


Shan Xiali, head of Shanghai Chess Academy, delivers a speech at the activities at SJTU on Dec 13. [Photo/]

The School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering (SEIEE) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University organized for foreign students to take part in xiangqi (Chinese chess) promotion activities on Dec 13.

The activities, held in the multifunction hall of the fifth Dining Building, were co-sponsored by the Chess & Cards Management Center of General Administration of Sport of China, the SJTU Chinese Chess Association and Shanghai Chess Academy.

The activities were aimed at increasing foreign students' understanding of Chinese culture through xiangqi. Chinese chess is a traditional Chinese mind game, incorporating Chinese history, ancient military strategy, and in many ways a Chinese sense of a "way of living".

The foreign students had high expectations of the activities, regarding them as a precious opportunity to learn from xiangqi masters. Head of Shanghai Chess Academy Shan Xiali, Shanghai chess legend Ge Weipu and alumni of SJTU Ju Haojie delivered speeches.


Ge Weipu, a chess legend in Shanghai, takes turns playing xiangqi with foreign students on Dec 13. [Photo/]

One activity had Ge taking turns to play xiangqi with 10 students at the same time. The foreign students all enjoyed having a game with the master.

After the game, Ge expressed his appreciation of the performances of the foreign students, and told them that more learning and practice would make them powerful players.

In the end, all the students and guests posed for a group photo. And each foreign student received a certificate of attendance and a set of Chinese chess.

The foreign students not only enhanced the feelings between themselves but also had a better experience and understanding of traditional Chinese culture.


All the guests and foreign students pose for a group photo on Dec 13. [Photo/]

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