Donghua invites overseas students for Chinese classical learning
Updated: 2017-12-22


Representatives from Donghua University and Longchuan Academy pose for a photo on Dec 5. [Photo/]

Overseas students from Shanghai's Donghua University are able to access classical Chinese learning after an academy named Longchuan in Jiangsu, Shanghai's neighboring province, was named as the school's cultural experience center on Dec 5.

University officials and student representatives from Romania, Venezuela, South Korea and Guinea attended the award ceremony.

According to Zhou Zhengliang, head of Longchuan, the academy has been devoted to preserving and carrying forward local cultural treasures and now works as a cultural demonstration center of Jiangsu.

Zhou said that students will be exposed to a variety of delicate artworks, such as golden and silver handicrafts, traditional Chinese writing brushes, and elaborate bonsai decorations. They will also be offered first-hand experience with several master intangible cultural inheritors.

Wu Xiaojun, deputy dean of Donghua’s International Cultural Exchange School, regards cooperating with Longchuan a "big step" for the school.

"It's Donghua's first cultural experience center set in Jiangsu and we are looking forward to our frequent exchanges in the future," Wu said.

Answering the national call to enrich overseas students' campus lives, Donghua has arranged diversified extracurricular activities for them. Establishments featuring local folk customs, Chinese apparel and accessory culture, and classical learning have also been included at the school's cultural experience centers.

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