Time freezes through the lens of intl students
Updated: 2018-01-02


International students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University capture the beauty of Qibao ancient town through their lens. [Photo/sjtu.edu.cn]

Shanghai, an eastern China metropolis, has long been the most popular Chinese city for foreigners.

Its international atmosphere, multicultural environment, along with countless other advantages, has made the city an attractive and must-visit destination.

With the city growing as one of the top choices for overseas students to pursue their further education, how do the youngsters feel about Shanghai, and what will they see and capture through their lens?

The answer seems like is here.

At a recent photography activity held by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a group of overseas students from Mexico, Bangladesh and Uganda set their focus on Qibao, one of Shanghai's oldest towns. The history of the township dates back to the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (907-960) and it received its name from the folklore that said the "seven treasures" were hidden.


The shadow puppetry performance of Wu Song Wu Song Kills a Tiger (Wu Song Da Hu). [Photo/sjtu.edu.cn]

Ancient-style buildings, stone bridges, beautiful waterways, and mouth-watering street food – with cameras whirring and clicking, the students excitedly captured the cultural symbols and carefully stored their sweet memories.

At the local museum, the students were introduced to an ancient Chinese art form of shadow puppetry for the first time. They also had a chance to enjoy a classic clip of Wu Song Kills a Tiger (Wu Song Da Hu).

A warrior in ancient costume manages to evade a huge tiger several times and the annoyed animal launches another assault when suddenly, to the dramatic sound of drums, the warrior jumps onto the back of the tiger, grabs it, and uses his other fist to beat the tiger to death.

Behind the curtain is the soul of the show – the puppeteers used their dexterous hands, and voice, as they made Wu Song stroke the tiger's whiskers, nodding their heads, waiving their hands, and finally beating the animal to death.

The performing arts had the students' eyes fixed and mouths wide open all along the show, growing their admiration and appreciation towards Chinese culture.


Students visit a local photography museum and pose for a photo. [Photo/sjtu.edu.cn]

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