Intl students find inner peace with yoga
Updated: 2018-01-05


International students from Fudan University attend a yoga class on Dec 20, 2017 and practice to stretch their back muscles. [Photo/]

Some 15 students from the International Cultural Exchange School of Fudan University attended a yoga class on Dec 20, 2017, seeking relaxation.

Though the students were a little bit nervous at first, the teacher helped them overcome that feeling, guiding them to stretch, control their breath, hold poses, do other physical movements, and finally reach a state of inner peace.

The students were excited about the sense of relief yoga has brought them. They hoped to exercise in more spacious areas and take part in similar activities in the future.

The teacher and the school were surprised at the students' eagerness; they agreed to schedule such activities every two weeks after next semester.


Students take core strength training under the guidance of a yoga teacher. [Photo/]

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