European students start journey to the East
Updated: 2018-03-13


Meng Zhaoshang, dean of the School of International Exchange at Shanghai Polytechnic University, welcomes the new group of European students on Feb 27. [Photo provided to]

Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU) welcomed a new group of European students on Feb 27, starting the youngsters' month-long Chinese language and cultural immersion journey.

One student was from Spain, one from Chile, and 26 others were from Belgium. They were the first group of international students to enter SSPU in 2018.

They will have two weeks of intensive Chinese language and culture studies at SSPU, and will attend two lectures on topics of international business. In addition, they celebrated the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival on March 2 and will take the HSK Chinese proficiency test on May 19.

Meng Zhaoshang, dean of the School of International Exchange at SSPU, extended a warm welcome to the students as they arrived on campus in Shanghai's most beautiful spring season. After briefing them about SSPU, the dean introduced them to a Chinese Culinary Culture program, which runs every summer and has become the school's star course. It offers students various opportunities to savor Chinese flavors.

The students also introduced themselves and said they will cherish the studying, internship and off-campus times in Shanghai.

Due to the good feedback from former participants, the short-term exchange program for European students will continue in 2018. SSPU considers the program an opportunity to spread Chinese culture, promote Chinese civilization, and develop European markets as it seeks to attract more international students.

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A student representative introduces himself. [Photo provided to]


Students attending the short-term cultural exchange program pose for a group photo on Feb 27. [Photo provided to]

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