Intl students relax mind and soul through meditation
Updated: 2018-04-17


Zhu Zhenwen, a psychology teacher at Fudan University, teaches meditation to international students on April 3. [Photo provided to]

Accompanying the spattering of spring rains and sounds of nature, international students at Fudan University in Shanghai relaxed their mind and soul on April 3.

The meditation class taught by Zhu Zhenwen, a psychology teacher at Fudan, consisted of Zhu sharing meditation concepts and her prior experience with students, teaching them how to remain in a silent and calm state, answering their questions, and exchanging feelings and inspirations with them.

"Both teachers and students experience stress, from studying, scientific research, interpersonal communication, and many other things," Zhu said, "Meditation is a kind of training that helps people stay calm for a period of time, and to become more able to deal with problems in everyday life."


International students relax their mind and soul through meditation. [Photo provided to]

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