Overseas Chinese explore their roots in Shanghai
Updated: 2018-05-18


Overseas Chinese students pose for a group photo at the Guangfulin Relics Park on May 12. They were attending a root-seeking tour around Shanghai from May 11 to 13. [Photo/sjtu.edu.cn]

A group of 30 foreign students with Chinese ethnicity visited a root-seeking summer camp in Shanghai from May 11 to 13.

The youngsters spent their three days exploring their ethnic roots, exploring the history and embracing the modernity of Shanghai, and paying homage to their ancestors.

At their first stop – the DeepBlue Technology Co, an emerging local hi-tech company, the students were impressed by its idea of paying with palm prints, a unique and private personal identity which, when compared to fingerprints, have more accuracy, complexity and safety.

While at the Orient International (Holding) Co, a large-scale State-owned trade company, the students learned about its vigorous preparations for the upcoming China International Import Expo this November, and were invited to join the expo's volunteer groups.

They gained a better understanding of local foreign-funded companies at Roche Diagnostics, a Swiss-based medical company with its Chinese branch headquartered in Shanghai. They were shown sophisticated blood detection machines and gained insights into youth career development planning.


A student tries paying with his palm prints at the DeepBlue Technology Co on May 11. [Photo/sjtu.edu.cn]

Once entering the Guangfulin Relics Park, the students were attracted by the pseudo-ancient architecture and lakes. They also visited several excavation sites and appreciated unique tribal and pottery cultures.

The Shanghai historical museum treated the students to an enjoyable experience of Shanghai's past, present and future, while the splendid waterside views along the Huangpu River deepened their knowledge of the city's ample water systems.

After the three-day trip, the students were eager to share their appreciation and gratitude. They talked about their inspirations for studying in Shanghai, their future plans, as well their thoughts and feelings on the summer camp.

Organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Shanghai municipal government and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the event included some 30 overseas Chinese students studying at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Tongji University, East China Normal University, Shanghai University, and the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


A student performs a scene play on May 12. [Photo/sjtu.edu.cn]


Students take a group photo at the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai's cultural landmark, on May 13. [Photo/sjtu.edu.cn]

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