Shanghai diplomats receive lecture on modern China
Updated: 2018-05-30


Tong Shijun, Party secretary of East China Normal University, delivers a speech on May 9, featuring China's development in the modern era. [Photo/]

Some 40 diplomats based in Shanghai attended a lecture on May 9 about China's development in the new era.

A part of the Chinese training program offered by East China Normal University (ECNU), the lecture invited Tong Shijun, the university Party secretary, to share his points of view.

Tong illustrated how the bullet train, well-known for its high speed and excellent safety record, is a reflection of the fast and dramatic changes taking place in China. He also shared with the audience his personal experiences, from why he lived and worked with his high schoolmates in a rural production team after graduation, to how he grasped the opportunities available to him and sat a national college entrance exam (or gaokao, resumed in 1977) to change his life.

Tong said aside from the development goals China has set in the new era, the country is also standing up to shoulder more responsibilities in the international community.

The diplomats were impressed by Tong's reflections, and were able to get a better understanding of China's modern developments.

The Chinese training program offered by ECNU for diplomats based in Shanghai was run with support from the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office. This year's edition was attended by some 40 diplomats from 21 countries, including the US, Russia, Belgium, Japan, Slovakia and Switzerland.


Diplomats based in Shanghai raise questions at the lecture on May 9. [Photo/]


Diplomats attending the lecture pose for a group photo. [Photo/]

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