UCLA students gain Chinese medical expertise
Updated: 2018-08-09


A UCLA student greets Lin Xun, right, dean of the International Education College at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. [Photo/shutcm.edu.cn]

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) held a medical training program from June 18 to July 13, for students from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the United States.

Talented US students, 27 in total, joined the program to enhance their understanding of both Chinese and Western medicine, and to play more active roles in revitalizing traditional medicine.

The students were immersed in diverse aspects of Chinese medical science, such as the clinical application of acupuncture, integrated Chinese-Western treatment of common diseases, modern application of ancient prescriptions, and traditional ways of maintaining health.

Students also participated in group discussions, case studies, after-class experiments and field trips that provided them with first-hand experiences to enrich their lives on campus.

Lin Xun, dean of SHUTCM's International Education College, praised students for their passionate and ambitious study, and their ability to withstand the pressure of intense learning.

The first summer training course for UCLA students, the program not only drew UCLA students' participation, but also benefitted from the solid support of teachers at SHUTCM, UCLA and Fudan University, Shanghai.


International students pose with their graduation certificates, July 13. [Photo/shutcm.edu.cn]

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