A lecture of Chinese culture and national spirit
Updated: 2018-08-30


International students from Shanghai University attend a lecture on Chinese culture and national spirit on Aug 20. [Photo/shu.edu.cn]

Professor Yao Ximing from Shanghai University delivered a lecture on Chinese culture and national spirit on Aug 20, enriching the international students' summer holiday.

The lecture began with professor Yao introducing the Great Wall and dragon, two symbols of Chinese culture, with the former showcasing ancient China's fortification capabilities and the latter representing excellence, boldness, perseverance, heroism and nobility.

Yao also shared his ideas on the differences and similarities between the Four Great Ancient Civilizations and delved into Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, an ideology put forward by the Communist Party of China which has supported the creation of a socialist market economy dominated by the public sector.

The professor also cited and exemplified many classic literature works and celebrities. His topics ranging from social changes to diplomatic methods also caught the students' thirst for knowledge.


Yao Ximing, professor and dean of the International Exchange College at Shanghai University, delivers the lecture on Aug 20. [Photo/shu.edu.cn]

A student from Pakistan doubted whether Chinese people would learn Urdu, national and official language of the South Asian country. He said the question was raised in the face of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a framework initiated by the two sides for regional connectivity, and the fact that the number of Pakistanis learning Chinese keeps mounting.

Yao explained the significance of learning foreign languages, for it can boost cultural exchanges, whether or not the particular language enjoys wide global popularity. He also exerted confidence and said that growing number of Chinese people will learn Urdu in the future.

Shanghai University regularly opens up this kind of lectures. By inviting experienced teachers and scholars, the lectures help increase the international students' understanding of China.

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