'New blood' infused into Shanghai University
Updated: 2018-08-30


New students from Shanghai University register at the school on Aug 27-28. [Photo/shu.edu.cn]

A group of "international fresh blood" arrived at Shanghai University (SHU) on Aug 27-28, starting a new chapter of their lives.

A school advancing in diverse aspects, SHU received an overwhelming number of applicants this year, with 557 students from 111 countries and regions finally gaining entrance tickets.

Antonia Ingraham, an 18-year-old girl from Bahamas, got her ticket to the college of journalism and communications. She said SHU enjoyed a wide fame in her homeland and she fell in love with the city when she visited Shanghai for the first time.

Students coming from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative were more than 50 percent of the total, lead by South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Kazakhstan.


A volunteer picks up new students at the Pudong International Airport in Shanghai. [Photo/shu.edu.cn]

Darya Danilova is a Kazakhstani student who will soon start her four-year studies on international economics and trade. Though a freshman, the girl is actually an old hand of China and has been living in the Northern Chinese city of Dalian for six years. She appreciated the open and international atmosphere of SHU and said she will stay in China after graduation.

David Perez-Des Rosiers from Canada could not hold his anticipation of meeting his doctoral tutor any longer; whom he said was very grateful to learn from. The growing ranking of SHU on the world list also helped him set the final tone of studying in Shanghai. He said he was looking forward to carrying out various interesting studies with his tutor and dreams to become a university teacher in the future.

Learning from former experience, SHU made full preparations to welcome the new students. Aside from streamlining registration procedures, the school will arrange a series of icebreaking activities to help the newbies dispel initial strangeness and adapt to campus lives, such as city tours, orientations, and festive celebrations.


A mother accompanies her daughter to register at the Shanghai University. [Photo/shu.edu.cn]

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