Intl students finish summer language immersion in Shanghai
Updated: 2018-08-31


Some 300 students from the UK, France, South Korea and Israel bid farewell to their summer language immersion at East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai on Aug 24. [Photo from WeChat account ies_students]


International students practice Yongchun, or Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art classified as a boxing system for its reliance on striking techniques utilizing either hands or feet. The martial art proportionately employs more punches than kicks and teaches the stable stances and closer fighting distances consistent with favoring hands over feet. [Photo from WeChat account ies_students]


International students learn traditional Chinese rituals and try hanfu, the traditional Han clothing which enjoyed especial popularity in elite circles and has loose lapels. [Photo from WeChat account ies_students]


International students practice writing Chinese characters and ink paintings with writing brushes. [Photo from WeChat account ies_students]


Students visit a park in Shanghai and learn Chinese from a local child. [Photo from WeChat account ies_students]


Students and teachers attending the summer language program pose for a group photo. [Photo from WeChat account ies_students]

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