Intl students start new chapters at SJTU
Updated: 2018-09-12


Shanghai Jiao Tong University applies facial recognition technology to help new students streamline their registration. [Photo provided to]

They came by busses, trains and planes from all across the world to the same destination, No 800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), and became new members of the SJTU international community.

The 1,100 newcomers all shared a few common reasons for why they choose SJTU, such as its academic strength, faculty group, and open atmosphere. And of course, the city of Shanghai where SJTU locates, boasting unique charm and beauty, has also added weight to their decisions.

SJTU applied facial recognition technology to help the new members streamline their registration. The days of hurry-scurry of students holding passports and admission letters on one hand while having to keep a close eye on their suitcases is now of the past. They only need to make a few winks and grins at the camera and their information can be easily collected, with advanced technology and massive database, providing great convenience for the verification process.

Students also received orientations that were as always considerate and helpful, such as a welcome pack which included a campus map, a pen, a note pad, an eye-catching red t-shirt, and a newbie guidebook.


An international student poses and shares #My first day at SJTU#. [Photo provided to]


The welcome pack for new international students includes a campus map, a pen, a note pad, an eye-catching red t-shirt, and a newbie guidebook. [Photo provided to]

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