Culture and cityscape enchant intl students
Updated: 2018-09-27


International students from Fudan University pose for a group photo at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall on Sept 16. [Photo/]

A group of 179 international students from Fudan University toured around Shanghai on Sept 16, getting a taste of its culture and cityscapes.

New to Shanghai, the students visited the local urban planning exhibition hall, where they were introduced to diversified exhibits and also got to learn about the city's glorious past and prosperous present.

Riding a night cruise along the Huangpu River was a must-try activity, refreshing the students with Shanghai's splendid riverside sceneries and offering them a glance at the city's colorful night life.

Fudan University arranged various orientations to help overseas students overcome initial strangeness and adapt to new campus life as soon as possible.


Students enjoy the night views along the Huangpu River. [Photo/]

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