Relaxing with traditional Chinese manipulative therapy
Updated: 2018-10-25


Overseas students from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine attend a lecture on China's traditional manipulative therapy of tuina, Oct 18. [Photo from WeChat account SHUTCMIEC]

Overseas students at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) had their hearts and minds relaxed during a tuina lecture delivered by teacher Xiao Bin Oct 18.

The tuina manipulative therapy is a cultural legacy embedded in China's traditional medical practices. It stands apart from theory, but features brushing, kneading, rolling, pressing and rubbing between various joints to seek inner balance in the human body.

The external method is a remedy for common diseases such as colds, headaches and aches in the neck and shoulder.

Xiao also explained Chinese people's special fondness for maintaining good health, and introduced the students to common practices such as taking dietary therapies and herbal cuisines.

The teacher demonstrated some of the basic techniques in tuina, raising great interest among the students.


Xiao Bin shares tuina techniques with an international student. [Photo from WeChat account SHUTCMIEC]

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