Intl students embrace folk culture in Shanghai
Updated: 2018-10-26


International students participating in the event pose for a group photo. [Photo/]

A group of over 100 international students went on a cultural experience tour from Oct 14 to 15 in Shanghai's Chongming district, visiting Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co Ltd.

Organized by the China Scholarship Council, the event was intended to let students feel the charm of traditional Chinese customs and see modern developments in science and economy through different activities.

The international students, each holding a China Scholarship Council scholarship, were from three prestigious universities in Shanghai, namely the East China University of Science and Technology, the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

The students visited the Chongming Planning Exhibition Hall, getting to know the area in an all-around way including its unique geographic location, latest development and local culture and history.


Students experience folk cultural activities such as rolling hoops and stilt walking during their visit in Chongming district. [Photo/]

At Chongming Ecological Farm and Jiangnan Sanmin Village, a scenic area showcasing folk life, customs and local culture in the Jiangnan area (regions south of the Yangtze River), the students experienced folk cultural activities such as rolling hoops, stilt walking, dragon dancing and making traditional local food.

At Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co Ltd they gained a rough understanding of cutting-edge research on chemical fertilizer and soil remediation in China.

The cultural experience event was first carried out by the China Scholarship Council in 2015, and has involved a total of 16,000 international students in the past three years. It is expected to cultivate international students with good knowledge of China.


Students visit the Chongming Planning Exhibition Hall to learn about the area. [Photo/]

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