Intl students embark on a journey to experience TCM
Updated: 2018-11-05


International students practice qigong (Chinese breathing exercise) during the event. [Photo provided to]

An experience tour themed on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) was held on Oct 27, attracting over 100 international students from 39 countries with 60 percent of them coming from countries alongside the Belt and Road Initiative.

Organized by the China Scholarship Council and undertaken by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM), the event aimed to showcase the latest development of TCM and allowed students to feel its charm.

These international students, each granted with China Scholarship Council scholarship, were from seven prestigious universities in Shanghai including East China Normal University, Shanghai Ocean University and Shanghai International Studies University.

During the event, students showed an interest in Chinese medicinal food homology and the ancient art of qigong (Chinese breathing exercise), and were amazed by the extensiveness and profoundness of TCM.


Students participate in the experience tour pose for a group photo. [Photo provided to]

At Shanghai Museum of TCM, students had a closer look at the history of herbal medicines and experienced acupuncture with the help of modern technologies.

Being a success trial of promoting TCM culture, the event has created a platform for international students to learn more about TCM and take TCM to the world stage.

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine contributed to this story.


With the help of modern technologies, students experience acupuncture at Shanghai Museum of TCM. [Photo provided to]

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